The triumph of mind over matter - Story

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I was attracted by a cover of a magazine. There was a man with budging muscles wearing an expression of determination. Since at the moment, I’m very much interested in workouts and physical exercises, I decided to open it and to see what was inside.
Inside, there was a story of a man who was a very successful weight lifter, but he had a car accident. That car accident paralyzed his lower body. He struggled for many years. Eventually, he managed to get back on track and even participate in a run in a specially-adapted wheelchair. His fight was visible during that run. He was straining with effort, drenched in sweat. He was on the verge of collapse many times. But he refused to accept defeat and his efforts were crowned with success. He won the third place, the bronze medal.
But what’s more important, he overcame his limitations. I was deeply inspired by his willpower and strong character - The triumph of mind over matter thing.
“Energy of will, self-originating force, is the soul of every great character. Where it is, there is life; where it is not, there is faintness, helplessness, and despondency.”
“Let it be your first study to teach the world that you are not wood and straw; that there is some iron in you.”
(Wise words from An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden)
Hope that short story to inspire you to be more determined, patient and persistent :-) Follow your dreams with fire each and every day! Be a Hero :-)

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