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Welcome to my site Smile


clip_image003My name is Dimi. I teach online via Skype. All my classes are student-centered and personalized according to my students’ level as well as their interests, goals and learning style. I have wide experience in teaching all levels of English from beginners to advanced users.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


"A few minutes a day can really make a difference. Do something today for a few minutes to change your life!"
Whatever you water will grow stronger. If e.g. you water the seeds of learning and improving your English every day, it will grow stronger.
My idea in my classes is, to get inspired and to learn. I think when you enjoy doing something, when you have fun, it is much easier to remember the things and if we add to that a little bit of inspiration, I believe the results will be great.

Define your Study Goals using a Mind Map

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Define your Study Goals using a Mind Map from ExamTime - I'm simply in love with ExamTime - http://www.examtime.com

by Alice ExamTime


Different style of panties

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panties /ˈpæntiz/ (especially North American English)(British English also knickers)

lacy panties

9 Panties Styles for Women


Panties styles - en

Packing Clothes for a Trip

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by Dimita

The importance of vowel lengthening in English

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What is the difference in pronunciation between mop and mob, back and bag?

How ending consonants affects vowel length in American English pronunciation:

Word of the Day – stink

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to stink = to smell very unpleasant

Thanks to my friend Terry for the pics!


Men who stink of beer really turn me off Winking smile - http://englishwordoftheday2010.blogspot.com/2013/03/phrasal-verb-of-day-turn-off.html 


Toe and toy are different words ;-)

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There are 10 toes on our feet, toes not toys Winking smile

toe /toʊ/ and toy /tɔɪ/ are different words Smile

on tiptoe

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