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Welcome to my site Smile


clip_image003My name is Dimi. I teach online via Skype. All my classes are student-centered and personalized according to my students’ level as well as their interests, goals and learning style. I have wide experience in teaching all levels of English from beginners to advanced users.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


"A few minutes a day can really make a difference. Do something today for a few minutes to change your life!"
Whatever you water will grow stronger. If e.g. you water the seeds of learning and improving your English every day, it will grow stronger.
My idea in my classes is, to get inspired and to learn. I think when you enjoy doing something, when you have fun, it is much easier to remember the things and if we add to that a little bit of inspiration, I believe the results will be great.

Practice is the key to success :-)

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Why do I need to learn a foreign language?

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It’s so hard, why do I need to learn a foreign language? Listen to this short story Smile The story starts around 1:01:20 and ends at 1:02:47


I don’t have time – Part 2

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Sorry, I’m not prepared for today. I was too busy. I haven’t time.

Do you make the same grammar mistake? Many of my students say I haven’t time whereas they have to say I don’t have time. However, not only grammar is important here, but also your attitude – if this is really important for you.


Russian IS important for me. And I always wanted to enhance the level of it. But there was always a hindrance to itI don’t have time.


My schedule is very hectic.

I teach every day. Also, I’m a member of Cambridge English Teacher. I regularly take different courses for my professional development. The latest one which I finished is Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation by Cambridge English Teacher. I attend webinars and seminars, too.


In addition to that, I’m following courses in Leadership and Resilience, at the moment. The most inspiring one, the one which has changed my life in so many positive ways is – Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.


Furthermore, I work as a composer. That means each day I enjoy playing the piano and creating music.

I have family commitments and many other things, as well.


How can I find time in this busy schedule? I want to improve my Russian and to maintain the level of my other languages. However, I want  is not enough. Deeds speak louder than words. If I want to get things done, to seize the opportunities, not to miss them, I need to act. Successful people don’t find time, they make time. I really love languages. I have to overcome this new challenge. I decided to get up 30 min earlier in order to read a book in Russian. I set the alarm of my mobile to measure the time – 30 min reading. I enjoy the process of reading and it helps me to broaden my horizons. I feel like a new person after that. Sometimes, an obstacle may derail my plans. In case of unexpected things, I make time later this day for reading.


In order to succeed, you need to be persistent and to have good strategies. Planning is crucial. I use if-then options because they are so very powerful.

If it’s Wednesday and it’s 10 am, I’ll practice Russian for 1 hour with my language exchange partner on http://sharedtalk.com/

If an obstacle appears, we’ll meet another time.


Something interesting I noticed – when I believe in myself, in my abilities to manage with Russian, I make less mistakes and the opposite, when I doubt, I tend to make more mistakes. Self-confidence, the belief that you can, is something invaluable, really!


Grammar is my biggest problem. Personally for me, it’s very boring to study rules and use a textbook. I decided to tackle the grammar challenge step by step. Each week, I choose a case which I don’t know and write on piece of paper the endings for it. Then, I place this note on the mirror, so I can see it every day. There is a sticky note on my computer, too. Every time, when I write or speak, I try to use the correct endings. Every week – different case or grammar structure.


It’s challenging. But I’m aware of the fact that improvement takes time and the key to success and enhanced ability is practice.


Ability is malleable – I know I can change it with efforts and practice. When I face difficulty, I need to try harder, to have grit! That’s why it’s good also to have a supportive environment to encourage and motivate you along the way. I have a friend who always nags me :-), keeps asking me to improve my Russian.


Read the part 1 of my story – How could it that be??

How to Write a SMART Goal

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? - Part 1

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To be successful nowadays, not only you need threshold competencies – knowledge and experience, but you also need Emotional Intelligence Competencies .


Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence - the course which I’ve taken recently – has really changed my life. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is not only about leaders. It is about everyone who is interested in self-development.

In order to be an effective leader, you need to control your emotions. But before everything else, you need to be aware of them. Emotional self-control is critical! You have to keep disruptive emotions and impulses in check. You have to remain calm, especially in stressful situations. One of the techniques (not from this course, but it is worth mentioning it) is to practice Mindful Stop:

1. Stop – visually imagine the sign Stop

2. Take a deep breath

3. Observe outside and inside you without any judgment

4. Proceed positively


You have to strive to improve on a constant basis, to aspire to become better or meet a standard of excellence. Muscles get weak if you don't use them, same goes for the mind.

I try to learn something new every day - to develop myself, to reach new horizons. If I don’t learn something new, I feel bad. It has become like a habit for me. More than that, it is a part of what I am as a person. Because that’s actually one of my life principles - we should always strive to improve and develop ourselves, not to sit at one place, but move, move forward... and strive to be better and better. The moment when we stop moving, we degrade in every sense of the word, because – Life is movement and movement is life. That’s why running water doesn’t smell bad, because it is in constant motion. And the stagnant water in the swamps gets mold and bad smell.


Positive outlook is crucial, as well. I believe in the power of thoughts.


Last but not least is Adaptability, i.e. flexibility in handling change. If the circumstances change, you have to adapt or alter your behavior to better fit the situation.

Talking about Work

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I’ve met a girl from London recently. Here is what she told me.

“I work in a dead-end job.  No opportunities for development, whatsoever. I can’t move up the career ladder and get promotion simply because I’m a woman. There is glass ceiling. I’m stuck behind a desk. My job is well paid, but I don’t get personal satisfaction.

Every day, I have to commute to work for 2 hours. I’m squeezed like a lemon at my work place. There is a lot of pressure to meet deadlines. I’m afraid that if I miss a deadline, I will be fired. At the moment, I’m on sick leave. But soon, I will be on maternity leave and I’m eagerly waiting for this moment.

Also, in order to find a job or get promotion, it's not enough to have knowledge or experience. You need to build relationships. Because in this world, relationships play a very big role, especially with a big shot. What are your thoughts about?

In the future, I’d like to be self-employed and to run my own business. That’s going to be a challenge, but I like challenges. I think challenges help us to grow and become better.”


Now, what about you? :-)


1.     What do you do for a living?

2.     Do you have any career plans yet?

3.     What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

4.     Describe your ideal job. You should say:

§  what this job is

§  whether you would need any qualifications

§  whether it would be easy to find work

§  and say why you would enjoy this job in particular.

5.     If there are a limited number of jobs available who should be given priority, young people or older people with more experience?

6.     What are some of the important things a candidate should find out before accepting a job?

7.     What are the advantages of having your own business rather than working for someone else?


A Car Story – episode 1

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Create a story using the words:


1.    go sightseeing

2.    turn the ignition on

3.    fuel gauge

4.    run out of gas

5.    to fill up the gas tank

6.    a gas pump

7.    at a gas station

8.    attendant

9.    washer fluid

10. total

11. fasten your seat belt

12. driving license

13. glove compartment

14. to shift gears

15. stuck in a traffic jam

16. practice gratitude

17. to honk

18. be late

19. exceed the speed limit

20. police sirens

21. pull over

22. a speeding ticket

23. fine

24. Alcohol Screening Device

25. practice mindful stop – 1. Stop – visually imagine the sign Stop 2. Take a deep breath 3. Observe outside and inside you without any judgment 4. Proceed positively

26. had a puncture or a flat tire

27. lift the car with your jack

28. finally come to Dimi’s hotel


Additional tasks: Smile (not compulsory Winking smile)

Explain to Dimi – Inside of a car

Practice more - http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/car/ 

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