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I want to start my story by saying that I’m on a diet of positive emotions.


There is a lot of negativity going on in this world. When you turn on the TV for example, usually what you hear are the news about wars, hoax calls, bomb explosions, people who are injured or killed, death toll. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Rescue workers wearing hard hats, creeping through a gap, looking for survivors after an earthquake. All around them collapsed buildings, twisted bits of metal, jagged chunks of reinforced concrete, terrible destruction…


Nowadays, it has become much more frequent on the news to see the devastation caused by natural disasters.


I would never forget the man on the TV with a handful of soil in his hands, looking desperately at the sky, scanning it for signs of rain. On all sides, there were withered crops and cracked earth.  He was in despair because of the severe drought.


Whereas, in some parts of the world, there is no rain, in another parts, there is too much.

Recently, I’ve seen pictures on Facebook from one of my Canadian friends – his area has been severely flooded. People were wading thigh-deep in the muddy water, trying to salvage their property which was floating about. It was devastating to look at those scenes and to witness the despair of the people.


So I have decided, enough is enough! And I cut off the supply of the negativity. I no longer watch TV or listen to the radio, specifically the news. I may follow some of the news on the Internet, but I decide which one to see. I’m in control.


Like Dean Graziosi says - News drains our confidence and causes us to slip into a fear-based mentality.

Do you agree? What’s your opinion? How much does hearing negativity in the news take away from your ability to embrace the positive things in the world?


In the health-conscious time we are living in, we pay so much attention to the food we eat, to physical exercises, going to the gym, but we fail to take care of our minds and souls.

We need high-quality food for our body if we want to be healthy. But the same goes for our mind, too. We need to feed it with positive food, as well. That’s why I try to nurture my mind regularly with positivity by reading, watching, listening to inspirational books, videos, podcasts. That’s why I’m on a diet of positive emotions. If you focus on something, it grows. If you dwell on the negativity, it becomes double negative. But if you focus on the positive, it become double positive. Beware of where your focus is!


Increase the daily diet of positive emotions and positive words! It is very important with what you feed your mind.


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