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After work, I was sitting in the park with my cousin. While she was eating her dessert, I was surfing the net. I was looking at the stock-market figures, reading the newspaper, consulting my personal organizer... I was deeply absorbed in what I was doing. When I finished, my cousin smiled at me and said:
– Did you know what you’ve just missed?
– What? – said I with tired voice.
– A good-looking young man, well-groomed and smartly-dressed, greeted us. He seemed to be a friend of yours.
– Wow, really?
– And you were so rude to him!
– Who? Me?!
– Yes, you didn’t pay any attention to him. But he said, he understands that your attention is rapt. He is like you. He alleviates boredom with video games. That’s a great way to stimulate your imagination. And that’s the modern way of letting off steam and escaping the humdrum reality.
– What?! But I didn’t play any games. What did that guy look like?
– You know, I have difficulty remembering faces…
– I see. I shouldn’t be so oblivious to the world around me. I’ll take notice from now on. You never know, who you are going to miss out.
– Yeah, right. But before everything else, you miss the many beautiful things around you like the beautiful landscape, the lovely Me sitting next to you :-)
– Sorry, sweetheart…You know, I love you!
– I know, but I don’t feel it. When I’m with you, you are always working on the computer, surfing the net, chatting…


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