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My first experience in a heavy traffic jam was both a test of patience and a test of inspiration. I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic. That traffic really made me feel tired. At some point, the cars stayed in gridlock for more than an hour. I started to get irritated. At that moment, I remembered that a guy from Moscow managed to learn many different languages in traffic jams simply by listening to CDs. Since, I didn’t bring any CDs with me and I didn’t have mobile Internet, I decided to turn on the radio. The news was just horrible: Everything went up in flames; palls of smoke; blazing, raging fires… I couldn’t stand it anymore and turned off the radio. Then I decided that this is a wonderful opportunity. I could use that situation as an inspiration for a new song. So here we go :-)

  I’M SINGING (by Dimita)

I’m in bumper-to-bumper traffic,
in gridlock
But I’m not grind to a halt
I’m singing

I’m singing
about the heavy traffic
I’m singing
about blazing, raging fires
about the saddening atmosphere
I’m singing
about the carelessness of the people,
the deliberate disregard
of the long-term consequences
I’m singing
about the palls of smoke
that obscure the scene
The palls of smoke
of egoism and greed
I’m singing

You may think I was crazy, but I was happy. I just sang my heart out.
After three hours, I was finally able to get out of the town. As I was approaching the suburbs, I saw a beautiful landscape. My car sped along the dusty highway to that idyllic landscape. When I reached that place, however, I started to choke. Even though the windows of my car were closed, I still could feel the intolerable stench of the open dump. There were discarded household goods burst open and spilled out everywhere. The stifling atmosphere was disgusting. That open dump marred an otherwise idyllic landscape. But I smiled and thought - Another inspiration for a song, right? :-) What would you say?

1.    Retell the story using the words in bold
2.    Prepare the speaking activities from the pdf file


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