My Transformational Story

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I was leading a very sedentary lifestyle. I was sitting in front of the computer the whole day. My work started at 9 am and finished at 9 pm. That was all day, really all day in front of the computer. When I came home, I usually lolled back in my chair. Then I turned on the TV and from a mouse potato I turned into a couch potato.

I was pasty-faced with chubby cheeks. And I constantly felt listless. Since I didn’t have energy to prepare something for cooking after work, I ate a lot of junk food. I put on weight quickly. At some moment, I reached 100 kg. It was difficult for me to climb up the stairs. I was panting. I felt dizzy even when I was sitting. I needed energy, so almost every day, I drank one liter of Coke and ate an enormous amount of ice cream. My medicine, however, was chocolate. When I felt bad, I ate 10 bars of chocolate and I immediately felt good. Everything was too much and in my case too much sugar.

One day when I was going to work, I saw an elderly couple who were taking a brisk walk. They were in tracksuits and they were glowing with health. I was very impressed by them. Later, my friend pushed me by sharing that his sister did something like me in the past. Now, she has diabetes. She is not able to walk and she uses wheelchair. Movement is extremely important. Movement is life.

So these were the things which forced me to start the change.

I felt it’s high time I changed. I cut out all the sugar, especially soft drinks and junk food.  I became health-conscious and started paying more attention to what I eat. The result was obvious. Only through those actions, I lost 25 kg for 2 years. My love handles were gone. No headache and dizziness anymore. No panting when climbing the stairs. I felt like a new person. Last year, I started doing physical exercises, too. That was the moment, I started to feel really invigorated and full of beans. Every morning, I did 5 minutes stretching. Later during the day, I added sit-ups, push-ups, bicycle crunches, lunges. I did arm curls and side bends with my dumb-bells. Now, my dream is to try pull-ups but we’ll see.
I highly recommend Shape Your Body Workout by Cindy Crawford. That’s my favorite one absolutely.

After doing plenty of exercises and being on a healthy diet for 4 years now, I'm fit as a fiddle. At the moment, I’m 60 kg (160 cm) and I feel wonderful. I’m more productive, too. Exercise does boost the brainpower. Exercise gives you energy and movement really melts away the stress. Movement is life and life is movement, indeed.

It was challenging and difficult at the beginning. But “if something doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” (Fred Devito).

Here, I’d love to add something very important – the diet of positive emotions :-) I try to increase the diet of positive emotions every day. Positive emotions do help us to become more resilient to the setbacks. Positive emotions help us to thrive.

Sending you lots of positive emotions on your road to success! Never ever give up!

Hope my story to inspire you to take actions and initiate a positive change in your life, too.

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