Pronunciation Challenge Day 1 - Story

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I. Practice the pronunciation of the words with

1.    anonymous
2.    representative
3.    negotiation
4.    event
5.    call
6.    rebel
7.    involvement
8.    underline
9.    isolate
10. breakthrough

II. Prepare to retell the story:

I was reading a book when the phone rang. It was an anonymous call. I’ve decided to pick up the phone. It was a representative of a famous company. He wanted to sell me some of the company's products. He constantly underlined the fact that their product is the best. If I bought it, it would help me to make a breakthrough. I rebelled. We started even negotiations. Of course, I didn’t buy but I agreed on attending their special Christmas event. So in some way, he managed to involve me.

III. Record yourself and send your audio files to me!


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