My Confidence Story

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When I was a teenager, I was very shy and timid, but I was very creative.
So my classmates decided to challenge me to create something for our last evening in the school for that year. Of course, I refused that call to adventure. Because that was really an adventure to me. I was scared to take those steps and to take the risk and perform in front of the others. And I kept refusing till the very last moment. The final day came and everyone was asking me what I’m going to perform in our prom. And I was shaking like a leaf and saying I’m not going to perform. And you guess, what happened? I didn’t show up. I found an excuse not to go. I was really, really scared. Of course, my classmates understood me very well. But my class teacher came to me and had a serious talk with me. I still remember her words:
You can do it! It’s going to be a crime if you don’t use your talent. Everyone in this world has a talent, has a gift and it depends on you if you are going to bury this gift or if you are going to develop it and share it with the world and thrive. It’s going to be a crime if you don’t use your gifts.
I was deeply affected by that conversation and decided that my shyness and timidity won’t stay on my way anymore. I’m going to change and share my heart and gifts with the world.
The next year was our final year in school. And everyone was surprised when I said that I want to perform and share something special. I needed to perform in front of all the graduates of the year plus the teacher staff and the headmaster. These were more than 100 people. I was terrified but I kept repeating the words of my class teacher – You can do it! And I felt I’m ready to take on that challenge to adventure.
The final evening was approaching. Everything was arranged but I still haven’t created anything and it remained only one evening, the evening before the biggest event. And again, I was shaking like a leaf. Even for a moment thought to escape that challenge. But I knew it wasn’t possible. I felt responsible because I’m a person who keeps her word. When I say something, I keep my promise. So I didn’t sleep that evening, but I created two inspirational poems – one for my classmates to thank them for everything and to send them faith, hope and love, and the other one for my class teacher to thank her for all the support and encouragement during all of those years. I felt enthusiastic and inspired. And the biggest day came...
I was writing the whole evening. When I was writing, I felt asleep. Suddenly I woke up and I was just praying that I didn’t miss everything. I was in panic. I had no idea about the time and the hour. Thanks God, everything was okay. Our ball started. Everyone was wearing fancy clothes and special haircuts. It was a beautiful evening. And my moment came…
I was really excited about my performance. But when I stepped on the stage, I went completely blank. I forgot all of the words. Everyone was staring at me for what felt like an eternity. Suddenly, the time slowed down and everything blended in one. I was just seeing my class teacher. And at that moment, I remembered the words which she told me once:
You can do it! You have a gift and it’s going to be a crime not to show it! Share your faith, hope and love with the world! You can do it!
That was the moment, when I felt a boost of confidence and that was like a waking call. Suddenly the words appeared in my mind and I gave an amazing performance. I received wonderful feedback and these were really magical moments which I would never forget. I left the stage in tears, tears of joy. That was truly a transformational moment for me because from the mouse which I felt I was – the shy, timid girl, I felt like I became the lioness that managed to inspire so many people.


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