Out of the Blue - Story Part 2

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This is part 2 :-)

Are you curious to know what happened after the incident in Part 1 of the story? Let's see :-)

My neighbor helped me to clean and fixed the broken window. Everything went to normal.
Next day, I went to work like usual. Later in the afternoon when I came back home, and opened the door of that same room again, I gasped in disbelief. Someone had stolen the TV, the computer, all the expensive furniture which was there. Someone had even eaten my birthday cake (I had a birthday the day before).
For the first time in my life, I felt what it meant to have jelly legs. I was thinking that I was dreaming and every moment I would wake up and see that everything was just a nightmare. I pinched myself. Nothing…Everything was real. I called the police. To my relief, an hour after the incident, the burglars were caught. What a day!

Past Perfect
When I arrived home, I couldn’t believe my eyes:
·         Someone had stolen the TV, the computer, all the expensive furniture.
·         Someone had eaten my birthday cake. 

Which things happened first? Had those terrible things happened before or after arriving?

Past Perfect - had + past participle of the verb


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