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I’m aware that I’m the architect of my time and it depends on me how magical I want my days, months, and years to be. Following my monthly challenges, I’ve decided August to be my Month of being More Organized.  

Only through organization, you can find more freedom, i.e. more free time. I have to get more serious about my calendar. I need to take the ownership of my life. When you manage your time, suddenly you leave with more free time. I use the Productivity Planner from Brendon Burchard.
The following is based on the High Performance GPS course by Brendon Burchard which I attended last month. I have three projects on which I’m working now. For each one of them, I have chosen the five major steps which will lead me to the accomplishment of my dream. One of the projects for this month is to be more persistent. There are projects in all areas – 1. My character 2. Interactions with others 3. Growth
After my morning ritual, I sit down to write my goals for the day, more specifically I fill in the Productivity Planner and try to follow the weekly focus – the eight blocks of time which Brendon suggested.
1.    Weekly Reviews - To measure your progress. You can’t manage something you don’t measure. So usually Sunday evening or Monday morning, I reserve time for doing weekly reviews. In this review, I write the answers to two special questions – 1. What did I enjoy and learn during the week? 2. Is anything on the calendar in the upcoming week that doesn’t matter now? (So I can pull it out and in this way, have more free time)
2.   Schedule Free Blocks, i.e. no work – at least one hour a week – time for yourself!
3.    Family + Significant others
4.    Schedule Time to Create. Check every 90 days - what did you create? When you create, your business grows.
5.   Workouts – Where are they in your calendar? You must have them! Physical exercises will give you more energy and patience, more stamina so you can deal with stress.
6.    Research Time – Look for information that will help you to advance. If you want to be a serious player, update your knowledge, get more insight, study your competitors!
7.    Team touchpoints – See your supportive system
8.    Catch-up blocks – Schedule time each night, set the timer, e.g. 30 min – What must happen by the end of this week so I can move forward to my dreams?
Own your time! Time is precious! Live your life with elegance! You are in charge!
These are some of my notes from High Performance GPS course by Brendon Burchard. I’m trying to follow them and live my life with more strategy, preparation and discipline and most importantly to be consistent in my efforts and habits. Habits are the wheels to success.
August - my Month of being More Organized
Some of my “growth” goals below :-) I’m sharing them in the hope to inspire you to reach new horizons.
1.    Read once again and take notes – Life’s Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard
2.    Finished the course to it – The 4 Gates to Lasting Change
3.    Follow each week the Motivation Manifesto course (It is extremely motivating and inspiring!)
4.    Do once again the second week from Your Next Bold Move course by Brendon
5.    Piano lessons – 2 times per week
6.    Piano playing – Practice 2 hours each day
7.    Watch videos on YouTube - Piano playing of famous pianists
8.    Start vocal lessons
9.    Speak with my language exchange partners in Russian and German – 2 times per week
    10.    Each morning – Cindy Crawford exercises


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