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Some notes on Motivation taken from The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard (Get the book here -

“Our first step is to understand motivation’s root, motive, which means a reason for action. It’s the “why” we do something. To develop a motive for action, our mind, with or without conscious guidance, filters through various thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and chooses from them a set of reasons to do or not do something. Our mind’s clarity on and commitment to that choice dictates our level of motivation. If we are clear and committed, we will feel high levels of motivation. If we are unclear or uncommitted, motivation will be low…”

“A hallmark of those who achieve greatness is the discovery that they can control the level of motivation they feel by better directing their own minds.”

“People who are motivated are not lucky. They are conscientious. They choose to use their minds in a more purposeful way in order to energize and lift their lives.”

Stages of Motivation
SPARKING MOTIVATION = Ambition + Expectancy
AMPLIFYING MOTIVATION = Attitude + Environment

MOTIVATION IS A HABIT, NOT A FEELING. Smart people realize they can control their own aims, attention, and attitude each day. They realize they’ll have ups and downs, but that over a period of time it is their own intentions and initiatives that will sculpt their emotional reality and lives. So, stay intentional. Generate your own energy, emotions, and motivation each day. Will yourself to be strong and keep moving forward. Ask for help. Be bold. Be brave. Fight for the life you deserve.” Brendon Burchard

"When you have big goals, dreams and aspirations, your habits act as the wheels on the road to achievement..."


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