My Steps in Russian language

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I decided to share my personal story in the hope that my journey could be useful to you as well, no matter what language you are studying or what new activity you are undertaking.

My steps in Russian language - February and March 2016
Russian language is very important to me. I have a lot of students from Russia. In addition to that, my boyfriend is from Russia. I have many special reasons to improve the level of my Russian, indeed.

Before we start my story, take a look at the words below:
1.    chase
2.    tend to do something
3.    doubt
4.    on the contrary
5.    to succeed
6.    vital
7.    compulsory
8.    hindrance
9.    to mismanage
10. flippant
11. to hold back
Chase your dreams with fire, believe in yourself.
Believe you can and you are halfway there.
Belief is an important part of success. When I don’t believe in my abilities, when I don’t believe that I can speak Russian, I tend to make more mistakes. On the contrary, when I don’t doubt, when I believe I can speak Russian, I make less mistakes and I manage much better as a result. To believe in yourself, in your own abilities to succeed is vital.

Actually, my Russian story started in the school where I began to study the language. Russian language was compulsory back then. Since that time, however, twenty years have passed. When you don’t use something, you forget it.
For a very long time, I have been thinking about improving my Russian, but there was always some kind of hindrance.
I didn’t have time, energy and the list went on and on.

Then I realized that the hindrance is in my mind.
“Don’t tell me you can’t take something every day to learn and grow.
If you don’t feel like you can take some time every day to learn and grow then you’re mismanaging your life… and somebody has to say that to you.
You probably already know it, so I’m not trying to be flippant. I’m just being real” Brendon Burchard
You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.
For every month, I set myself goals. More than that, I set goals for each week and for each day.
My first steps in Russian grammar started in February. I decided to include it in my morning ritual. My morning ritual starts with Brendon Burchard. Every morning, while I make the bed and prepare the breakfast, I listen to Brendon’s inspirational words. This is a way to put myself into positive mood for the whole day. Then I say a prayer. After that, I write my goals for the day in my diary and order them in importance. I set the alarm clock of my mobile to measure the time. Thirty minutes is the time for almost every morning activity on my list.
I grab the textbook and impatiently open it. I burn with desire to learn. I’m curious to know about Russian cases. Some days, this desire is not so strong and it is difficult to start. But I persist. I open the textbook and the opening of the textbook itself and setting the alarm of my mobile trigger my desire to start. My mobile rings. The thirty minutes have passed. I closed the book and open my diary to cross this daily goal from my list. It is done. I have done it. I have accomplished my task with Russian grammar for today. The feeling is awesome. I feel awesome. At the end of the day, I write in my diary how I dealt with my goals for the day and what went well and what didn’t go well.
That was a part of my morning ritual for February. Every day I took specific actions to get closer to my dream to learn the Russian grammar. In addition to that, I spoke every week with my Russian boyfriend. Actually, he is the one who encouraged me to start with the Russian grammar. However, something strange happened during our last conversations, I wasn’t able to form even one meaningful sentence in Russian. What?! How was that possible? After the hard work I did, I was devastated till it dawned on me that I was too much focused on the grammar and I ignored everything else. The result was not good for me – I couldn’t express myself in Russian.
So for my morning ritual in March, I added thirty minutes reading in Russian. I chose a list of books to read till the end of the month and set myself a challenge – every week one book. I felt enriched after each reading experience in Russian. Not only did I refresh my vocabulary, but also I learned something valuable. Reading broadens your horizons. What’s more, reading does help your mind to develop. Long after I finish reading, my thoughts keep coming to me in Russian. It's amazing.
Stay tuned for the second part of My Steps in Russian language.


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