Start Living with Confidence, Passion & Energy

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Start Living Every Day with Confidence, Passion & Energy!

 “The year and life rewards consistently and commitment.”

By the end of this year, I want to be more organized, self-confident, in better physical shape, fluent in Russian, etc.  So every month, I set myself a specific challenge. I choose what is important, I focus and work on it. For example, January was the month in which I was more organized.  I set myself daily and weekly goals in order to reach my ultimate mission for the month – being more organized. Each day, I wrote in my diary the goals for the day and at the end of the day, I wrote what went well and what didn’t go well. 
I do that at the end of each day as well as each week and month. The next month, I try another challenge. For the month of May, I have chosen – Russian language. 
But what is important also is how you start your morning. This hour of power will empower you for the whole day. Not only is important the food you take for your body, but also the food for your mind, how you feed it. It all comes down to how you manage your mind and how you manage your day.
Below you can find my morning ritual and goals for the month of May. I’m sharing them in the hope that my experience could be useful to you, as well.
Before reading them, I encourage you to read the powerful explanation of Stefan – Project Life Mastery about Morning Ritual – Start Living Every Day with Confidence, Passion & Energy -
My Morning Ritual for May - The Hour of Power
1.   Prayer
2.  Listening to my morning playlist (This morning list is only for the first week) while making the bed and preparing the breakfast – around 10 min
3.    Listening to my morning playlist while I’m doing my physical exercises – 20 min
4.  Read in Russian – 20 min – Start with the first book from my list - The  Charge - Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive (Энергия жизни. 10 секретов активизации внутренних сил) by Brendon Burchard (20 min in the morning + 20 min in the afternoon + if it is possible - 20 min in the evening)
5.    Write my goals for the day – 5 min
May – The Month of Russian language

Goals for the Month of Russian language
1. Every week to read one new book in Russian language
1.1. Брендон Берчард - Энергия жизни. 10 секретов активизации внутренних сил
1.2. Брендон Берчард - Совет на миллион
1.3. Энтони Роббинс - Разбуди в себе исполина
1.4. Энтони Роббинс - Советы друга: 11 уроков по достижению успеха
2. Russian grammar – 20 min – two times per week - too much (without it)
3. Write in Russian to my penpal from – as much as possible
4. Speak in Russian with my language exchange partner and my boyfriend – two times per week
Along with that
1.    To finish Appreciative Inquiry Course from Inspired Leadership Specialization from Case Western Reserve University
2.    To read in English aloud and take notes - Iron Will by Orison Marden
3.    To play the piano – 30 min every day!
4.    To write in German to my penpal from - twice a week
5.  To read in Bulgarian - Our Prayer


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