Are you socially intelligent?

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I’d like to start with the inspirational quote – "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."


Let’s discuss today the idea of being socially intelligent.
Are you socially intelligent?
One of the most important social intelligence competencies is empathy – the ability to sense others' feelings and perspectives and to take an active interest in their concerns. You need to motivate, empower, inspire and guide people. To be a coach and a mentor. To wield effective tactics for persuasion, i.e. to be an influential person. To possess Conflict Management Skills. To be a people person.
Now, the question is how you can develop the social intelligence competencies.
To enhance your own SQ, follow Goleman’s 5-step approach:

Social Intelligence and Leadership

Last but not least, in this world, relationships play a very big role, especially with a big shot. What are your thoughts about?

Here is the Network Assessment Exercise from Women in Leadership course.


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