Top 10 Rules For Success - part 1

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He is my role model, a person who I look up to. He is Brendon Burchard and his Top 10 Rules For Success.
Before reading the text, look up the meaning of the words below. Then prepare to retell using these same words and expressions.

1.    never let your small beginnings make you small-minded
2.    nonsensical
3.    fulfillment
4.    your unflagging ability
5.    show up every day
6.    be distinct
7.    keep every single day momentum going
8.    figure out
9.    objective
10. my ultimate mission
11. run my business
12. have a drive

1.    Don’t listen to the #LITTLEMAN
No matter where you are in accomplishing your dreams or moving towards the things that you really want in life, never let your small beginnings make you small-minded.
It’s easy to say, “Well, that’s impossible” and I know lots of people are telling you that, “That’s impossible.”
You know how many people told me what I’m doing today is impossible? “Brendon, you want to be a writer? You can’t write. Brendon, you want to be a trainer? You want to be a speaker? You want to do YouTube videos? You’re not good on video, you’re not good at this; you are not good at this. It’s impossible. Oh, you don’t understand how hard it is to make it, Brendon. It’s so hard these days.”
The stuff that people tell me and I know have told you is so nonsensical and based on so many of their own fears that have been unexplored, that it’s sad. And it can really cause great people to stop trying to do great things.
So, I want to encourage you no matter where you are, believe in yourself.
Keep at it. Keep working. Keep going.
I mean success and fulfillment are going to come from your unflagging ability to believe in what other people call impossible.
It’s going to come from your unflagging ability to get up each day and work towards things that
  • Maybe you don’t know where they’re going.
  • Maybe they’re not getting you what you want right in a way.
  • Maybe it’s not easy.
  • Maybe it is a struggle. But it is through that struggle and that effort and that dream and the desire that you get there.

2.    Take action every day
But you have to actually show up every day and inch yourself forward toward these dreams. Not only show up every day and once in a while inch yourself. I mean every day you have to actually take an action that moves you forward. Not just research, not just thinking.
Look, the power of intention is great but without any initiative it’s dead, right? A dream is great but without any movement it’s dead.
You have to be moving towards it every day:
  • You can send an email every day.
  • You can make a call every day.
  • You can write something every day.
  • You can create something every day.
  • You can contribute something every day.
But it has to be daily otherwise it will never become actualized.
The highest performers in the world didn’t get there because they were lucky. They worked at it longer than everyone else. They had a better work ethic and it’s not that they necessarily always worked harder. They worked smarter because they were doing the research. They were taking the time to visualize how they would be distinct, different. How they would survive the tough times.
They really kept at it. Keep every single day momentum going. If you don’t do that there’s no chance.
3.    You must define your mission
You need to have a mission for what you’re doing today. You need to have an intention for what your next task is going to be.
What happens is that most people just show up and say, “okay, well I guess I’ll do some stuff,” but they have no intention whatsoever so they end up doing too many things that mean nothing towards their mission.

You should figure out what it is you desire in life and figure out the steps to get there and start working a plan to get there and minimizing everything else. Getting very clear on the mission, very clear on the mission and working the plan.

Everything else, guess what it gets? A no, until you’ve reached that mission or until you’re significantly on your way that you have free resources to be able to focus elsewhere.
That’s what people do. They take on too many projects because they aren’t clear about their mission. I’m guessing if you’re watching this, you’re somebody who wants to add value and make a difference in the world, so any time someone asks you to do something you’re like, “yeah let me help you.”
But that might not have anything to do with the quality of life or the objective or the thing you’re trying to achieve or the service you’re really intending to offer.
I know how hard it is, because I’m so pulled myself towards causes, volunteerism and helping so many people, but guess what? If I help everybody in lots of different areas I might not make my ultimate mission of serving the people I want to serve the most, of making my dreams come true so I can support more people. Of running my business so I can support more people.
Meaning, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball if you don’t know what the ball is.
People often have never defined their mission, and if you don’t have one right now for this day… if you didn’t have a drive, a mission, a written down statement about what you were going to accomplish today, a checklist, a goal sheet, a time management tool that you filled out today and you’re just showing up today and going, well I guess I’ll see what my inbox tells me to do today and you respond to everybody else’s desires and emails and you’re always in reaction, always responding to everybody with no proactivity towards a mission that you defined yourself; you’ll be lost.
You’ll find, that because you never focused on that one thing or moving towards those several things that were your priority, that you’re just lost. 

And here’s another thing, focus goes out the window when we don’t progress. If we aren’t progressing towards something our focus goes out the window, we just don’t pay attention to anything, we don’t feel good about ourselves. 

You want to get more focus in your life get more progress. As you progress more you start to get excited, you start to pay attention to the things that are working and moving you forward. Then you start to find more focus in your life. 


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