Put on your make-up – part 1

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- Sweetheart, are you ready? We gotta go.
- I’m coming…
- But you’ve said that 1 hour ago.
- Sorry, I needed to use the concealer to hide some blemishes of the skin.
- I love your blemishes…You’re perfect just the way you are…
- I know, but let me apply a light eyeshadow on my eyelids, too.
- Only, don’t use this curling mascara, please!
- Why?! Does it matter if I use lengthening or curling mascara, or any other type?
- And I don’t like your lip gloss. Hope you’re not wearing one.
- My lips are chapped and I’m only with lip balm now. Why are picking on me today? By the way, tomorrow, I’m going to have a facial at the beauty salon
- Wow, how much money is that?? You exfoliate your skin once a week. I think that is pretty much enough. You use also facial masks
- Yes, facial masks are good for deep cleansing of the skin. And the facial is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your complexion.
- If you ask me, you just squander money. Are you ready to go now?
- Just a second, I need to moisturize my hands
- Oh, dear…We’ll never be on time…

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More vocabulary Smile
1.a mascara wand
2.thick/ waterproof mascara
3.a smudge of lipstick on the cup
4.Her tears smudged her mascara
to smudge your make-up
to smudge (verb)
smudge (noun) = a dirty mark made when ink or paint is accidentally rubbed on a surface [= smear]
5. She touched up her lipstick in the mirror.
to touch up = to improve something by changing it slightly or adding a little more to it


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