What’s this? – Car Vocabulary Story

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It’s a beautiful day. I’m talking with my friend Alex. We’re sitting in the car. As you will see, I’m not a driver. I don’t have a driving license and I don’t understand much of cars. However, I’m very good at asking questions Open-mouthed smile


-       What’s this, Alex? I don’t know…  - I shrugged my shoulders

-       You don’t know?! Are you kidding me? You have never seen a steering wheel before? – Alex winked at me ;-)

-       Sure. I’m not asking about that. I was asking about the thing that shows how much gas has left.

-       Oh, that one. That’s a fuel gauge.

-       I see. Then, next to it, it’s the temperature gauge, right?

-       Exactly! You’re a clever girl!

-       And what do we have below the steering wheel?

-       What do you mean?

-       I know on the left, that’s the brake, right? What about the other pedals?

-       In the middle, that’s the clutch and on the right, that’s the accelerator.

-       I think, in the US, we say gas pedal.

-       Yes, but you know, I’m from London, not the US ;-)

-      Right, Alex. You say petrol and I say gas or gasoline. By the way, I see you need to fill the car up with gasoline

-       Did we run out of petrol? :))

-       No, I’m joking… ;-)

-       Enough with these questions. Fasten your seat belt! We need to go…

-       Alex, can you explain to me, what are you doing now?

-       I’m turning the key in the ignition, so can start the car.

-       Okay, I see. Why are you honking the horn, too?

-       You’re driving me crazy with your questions…

-       Sorry.

-      You see, the car behind started beeping at us, too. We gotta go, sweety. Please, fasten your seat belt and stop talking.

-       Just one more question, please. What’s this? Surprised smile


Home Assignment


1.    Create http://quizlet.com/ with the new words from the dialogue and the video

2.    Practice retelling the story

3.    Additional Task - Create your own story


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