Test 5 - English Word of the Day – part 2

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Fill the missing word with one of the words from this list:


You can find more explanations with pictures about the words on English Word of the Day Facebook:


Missing words exercise

Part 2:

1. The video showed a man ____________ into a tiger.

2. A group of women were ____________ in a corner.

3. Tongue____________, the dog came from the forest.

4. Ann suggested that they ____________ with speeches altogether at the wedding.

5. The illness left her feeling ____________ and depressed.

6. He knocked over her cup and ____________ coffee all over her new dress.

7. Her foot was ____________ from her leg in a car accident.

8. He ____________ for advice and information from dozens of people, who find themselves invited to Kensington Palace quite out of the blue.

9. She had to keep thinking up new ways to hold the attention of her ____________ pupils.

10. I spent most of the weekend ____________ around on the beach.

11. Maria was blind and rode in a wheelchair, her head ____________ to one side

12. The kids were playing around in the pool, ____________ each other.


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