Match the car part with its description

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Match the car part with its description:

1. The steering wheel

2. The brakes

3. The rearview mirror

4. The seat belt

5. The license plate

6. The hubcap

7. The trunk

8. The speedometer

9. The headlight

10. Windshield wipers

11. The visor


A. are used to stop the car

B. is where you can put your suitcases

C. are used to see at night

D. keep the rain off the window

E. can keep the sun out of your eyes

F. tells you how fast you are going

G. is used to turn the car

H. is used to see behind you

I. is in the center of the tire

J. will keep you in your seat in an accident

K. a metal or plastic plate on the front and back of a vehicle that shows its number

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