Test 5 - English Word of the Day – Advanced

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Fill the missing word with one of the words from the list: http://quizlet.com/12368467/facebook-english-word-of-the-day-part-3-flash-cards/

You can find more explanations about the words on English Word of the Day Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Word-of-the-Day/110537118960958

Missing words exercise:

Part 1:

1. Electricity cables have been _________ by the storm.

2. The hens _________ in alarm.

3. The speaker was _________ by a group of protesters.

4. Working in front of a computer all day may be _________ to your eyesight.

5. I went on a shopping _________ on Saturday.

6. Obama's education _________ encourages Knox students to stay in school.

7. The wagons were __________ by horses.

8. News of the arrest _________ her greatly.

9. People cool off by _________ each other with water.

10. The security camera was installed to _________ people from stealing.

11. The constant criticism was beginning to _________ her confidence.

12. _________ little insect

13. The female only leaves the young when she _________ for food.

14. Jamie was thrilled when the teacher ___________ his poem and asked him to read it out.

15. Window locks are an effective _________ against burglars.


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