Christmas Poems

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At Christmas  
a poem by the Bulgarian Orthodox monk – arch. Seraphim (translated by Dimita)

Fly snowflakes, fly and ring the bells!
'cause tomorrow is Christmas, holiday great!
Be white wide fields
The world to be white, to be clean
as a temple

So when,
when Christ from His icons looks at our world
To see that the earth looks like paradise
That the sky showers blessings on us!

Fly snowflakes! Cover everything –
Feelings unbrotherly, puddles and garbage,
pain and sorrows in the heart all alone!
Everywhere to be white and joyous today!

Fly snowflakes, fly!
No more piles of mud in the yards!
No sign of malice in the hearts!
Over sorrows unknown, over tears sad
The Bethlehem’s wonderful star to shine!
Fly snowflakes, fly!

Where is Bethlehem?

On this pure holiday,
when the world saw a star
above Bethlehem
to Jesus Christ,
let’s go Brethren
a Christmas gift
to give to Him

Amidst sleeping people
with kind news
He appeared as a man
But angels don’t sing today
And Bethlehem is so far away.

Where will we find Him -
the kind, benign God Man – Jesus?
In distant or nearby lands?
Without Him,
empty is the holiday

Should we search in a rich home?
But God hid himself in misery
And took upon Himself
Every little brother’s grief and sorrow

He must be in the frost
In a tumbledown house outside, in the outskirts of the city
What does He expect from us,
having chosen hunger for Himself?

Perhaps, He is quite alone
And is looking at the silent doors
Will someone appear there
in His sorrow
To visit Him!

His sacred misery
is a silent reproach and a gentle call
He waits in his loneliness for a hearty gift, for a crumb of love!

Oh, brothers, let us with sincere fervor
stop by the grieving neighbor
Knock - Jesus is there! -
And there, there is Bethlehem!

Where is Bethlehem?
a poem by the Bulgarian Orthodox monk – arch. Seraphim (translated by Dimita)


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