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Every company should have a mission and a vision in order to be truly successful. 

The same goes for every person. If you want to achieve something significant in your life, you’d better have a mission and a vision for the future. There will be inevitable hardships and you've got to have the motive, the motivation, your STRONG why, so not to give up on the road to your dream.
And I think you should be on a mission about your goals and dreams, as well – To have a mission and a compelling vision for your objectives. 
What I have discovered for myself, it is good to have role models, too - someone to inspire you along the way. I’ve decided for myself that my mission concerning the health area is to become energetic, vibrant, alive, enthusiastic and bold like Brendon Burchard. In my top list of role models are also Chalene Johnson and Marie Forleo and also my friend Samir Di Johansson (I want to be strong like him). Nothing is impossible for the willing heart, right? :-)

I like what Marie Forleo said about the keys to motivation – 
Key 1: Stay emotionally connected to the vision of what you want and why that’s important. When you are emotionally connected to why this is important to you, you don’t have to be motivated. Your vision will pull you forward because it is so compelling.
Key 2: Create supportive environment. Our environment impacts our motivation. You need to set your environment to support you rather than sabotage you.
Key 3: Exercise is a key to motivation. When you exercise, you release a flood of neurochemicals in your body like serotonin and dopamine. Those are the happy hormones, make you feel energized and hopeful and excited naturally. But here is the key. You can’t wait to feel motivated to exercise. You gotta exercise first and then you are like – I can take on the world! This is amazing! The action comes first – the whole key with motivation! So when you exercise and you feel like you can take on the world, all of the sudden you have momentum and that carries you ahead. The same things if you want to work on writing a book or starting a business, anything. The moment you start taking action, you feel that sense of progress, you feel that sense of achievement and it makes you want to keep going.

So here is my monthly challenge for September :-) September – Month of Role Models

I want to find my soulmate:-) I love these words by Chalene Johnson and I'd love to find my soulmate workout, too - Find Your Soulmate Workout and Fall in Love by Chalene Johnson - Your soulmate workout makes you feel you can do anything, it challenges you never to be complacent, makes you feel alive, sexy and young - When doing a soulmate workout, you are surprised by how fast time passes. – Your soulmate workout clears your mind, calms your emotions, awakens your spirit, gives you energy, creativity, and drive. – You can’t help but endlessly talk about your soulmate workout. – You look forward to your next workout.
Most people see exercise as a punishment. It’s usually something they have to do in order to lose weight and be healthy. But what if exercise was like your soulmate? Something you wanted to do every day, something that made you happy and felt good. It can be done and I think the key to finding a soulmate workout is remembering what it’s like to be in love, because that’s what you’ll be doing when you find the right workout for you.

Since, I want to find my soulmate workout, I decided to “go on a date” with different workouts.

September – Month of Role Models

Marie Forleo and Chalene Johnson

1.  “Go on a date” with different workouts – Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo and Cindy Crawford are my possible matches. I’d love to find my soulmate workout
2.  Live and breathe your passion
3. "Be true to you.   Stay authentic.  It’s not about impressing other people.  It’s about impressing yourself.  Lead from the inside out and come from a place of kindness." 
4. Strength of character
“Strength of character is the courage to do what you know to be right, even if there is great personal cost to you. ****Character**** is not determined by what you say you stand for or what you profess to believe.  Character is defined by action, even those actions which you think others will never know. Like a muscle, strength is achieved by challenge.  Character is strengthened when you must overcome the temptation to act on emotion, overcome the lure of doing what’s easy, and finding the courage to do what’s right… always, whether others are watching or not.” - Chalene Johnson

Brendon Burchard

1.     Use the weekly planner and the daily planner by Brendon Burchard + the hour of joy
2.    Take a break every 60 minutes – Move, stretch, drink water!
3.    Drink 2 litres of water every day
4.    Change my diet – Include fish in my menu
5.   Don’t listen to the #LITTLEMAN

No matter where you are in accomplishing your dreams or moving towards the things that you really want in life, never let your small beginnings make you small-minded.
It’s easy to say, “Well, that’s impossible” and I know lots of people are telling you that, “That’s impossible.”
So, I want to encourage you no matter where you are, believe in yourself.
Keep at it. Keep working. Keep going.
I mean success and fulfillment are going to come from your unflagging ability to believe in what other people call impossible - Brendon Burchard


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