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The main hero Martin is the kind of person who bottles up his emotions. In contrast, his wife Demi wears her heart on her sleeve
It was very interesting to watch them together. Demi was very conscientious and trustworthy with a lot of charisma, very approachable.
Martin was a real characterquick-witted, and shrewd. I thought he was rather taciturn, too. He hardly spoke in comparison with his wife who was very garrulous.


Let me tell you about their first meeting.
Martin missed the train for work because he had overslept. He was obviously very upset.
Demi didn’t have time for breakfast because she had woken up late. She rushed for the train. But when she arrived at the train station, the train had already left. She was obviously very upset.

She sat at the bench where Martin had been sitting ;-)
They hit it off immediately ;-)  

Home Assignment 
I.         Do the exercises from the pdf file

II.       Prepare to tell about your character and the character of your friend according to the zodiac or the horoscope.
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