Interview Successful Women – Part 1

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Interview Successful Women – Part 1
What are the barriers and challenges you’ve faced in your life and how have you overcome them?
For this report, I interviewed the head teacher of my former school who happened to be a friend of mine, too. She noted that she has had and have many challenges and she is still learning how to overcome them. Life is a school and we are learning whole life. Here is the valuable bit of wisdom she gave me on how to overcome the challenges and be successful.

1. Support of your family or loved ones

First and foremost, it is crucial that you have the support of your family or loved ones.
It is vital to have clear boundaries between your work and family life, and not to cross them. Your work shouldn’t influence your family life and vice versa. When you come home, you should have already left the work problems at your office. Not only do you have to be a leader at your work, but also a leader at your home – Especially for the woman, you have to spread positive emotions, to nurture, to take care of your children and family, to inspire, motivate, to set an example to the other family members. She said it was not easy to do that. When she came home tired with a bag full of problems, not paying enough attention to her family, sour and not present, her problems reflected on the other family members and the relations with them. As a result, her family also suffered from her problems. She had to learn to leave the work problems at her office. Communication with her husband helped her a lot in that process.

2. Control your emotions

For a leader, she stated also, it is critical to control his emotions, to be fully present in the moment and aware of what is happening outside and inside of him. For instance, when her co-workers talked to her seeking advice, her mind was occupied with her family problems. She wasn’t fully present at the meetings. Sometimes she even flared which only aggravated the situation. Thanks to her husband and family, she learned to leave the problems and be more focused. She began going to the gym, doing physical exercises, spending more time with her family in the nature, enjoying the little moments of her life.

3. Sense of Humor

Besides that, the sense of humor has helped her to get out of many difficult situations with dignity. And not only to get out of them gracefully, but to gain the respect of others. She gave me as an example events from the life of Margaret Thatcher and how she managed thanks to her sense of humor. “The cock may crow, but it's the hen who lays the egg”

4. Prayer

Least but not last, her belief in God has been the biggest weapon in overcoming any obstacle along the way. She said she prays regularly and prayer is the air of her soul. She illustrated many examples of her life when prayer helped her to have more self-efficacy and be more self-confident in order to cope with the challenges.

We can learn both from successes as well as from mistakes. Mistakes are the best teacher. Not only to learn from your mistakes, but also to learn from the mistake of others. Specifically, what I have learned from the interview with a senior woman in my industry is that it is crucial to control your emotions, to be fully present in the moment and to stay calm, especially in difficult situations. As well as that, it is very important to have the support of your family and to have a great sense of humor. The perfect weapon against any problem is the prayer.


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