Wishful Imagining - Level 1

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Wishful imagining from the book Neuropsychology of Self Discipline 

NEUROPSYCHOLOGY - a science that studies the relationship between the brain, nervous system  and behavior.
SELF-DISCIPLINE - your ability to work systematically toward a desired goal until it is achieved
Developing the skill of self-discipline is a dynamic process of self-discovery and self-creation.

I. Learn the list of words below:

1.                 barefoot
2.                 breeze
3.                 splash
4.                 shore
5.                 to stroll along the beach
6.                 to bury (pay attention to the pronunciation of this word!)
7.                 to pull out
8.                 inscription
9.                 to rub
10.            to hiss
11.            to release from captivity
12.            to drop
13.            out of curiosity
14.            according to
15.            hospitality
16.            reward
17.            Don't Take Things For Granted
18.            to urge

II. For the next minutes, I will ask you to work and play. Start by closing your eyes and relaxing. Imagine you are on a beautiful deserted beach, walking barefoot on the sand. A soft breeze is keeping you cool. And you are enjoying the sound of the waves, splashing on the shore. As you stroll along the beach, you see an object in the near distance that’s half buried in the wet sand. The waves splash over its surface. You wonder what it is and you start to walk a little faster so you can reach it. In a couple of minutes, you are standing over it, still not sure what it is. It is metal, something round and it looks like a lamp. You pulled it out of the sand. There’s an inscription but you can’t read it clearly. You begin to rub some of the sand. Suddenly, the lamp begins hissing and it releases a cloud that looks like a steam. Frightened you dropped it, but you continue to watch what’s the lamp doing out of curiosity. Slowly, before your eyes, the cloud takes a human shape and soon you’re looking at the largest person you have ever seen. When he speaks, his voice is rich and kind, and its message is amazing. The Genie thanked you for releasing him for thousand years of captivity inside the lamp and according to the hospitality of people offers you a reward for helping him. You only have to name 5 wishes, he says, they will be granted. You can ask for anything as long as it is specific and humanly possible to achieve. At first, you refuse his offer. But as he continues urging you to accept, you begin to realize that :-) no, you aren’t dreaming and yes, you really can have your 5 wishes. The possibilities start dancing in front of your eyes….
Think about it, what are the things that will turn your life around and make you truly happy? What is that you secretly wish for – day in and day out, every day of your life? Take your time on deciding. This is too important for you to rush over. You may change your mind about your first choices after you thought about it. When you do make your final decisions, write them out. Start each wish with the word – I want and write in a clear specific language your wish in present tense.


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