The Seed Story

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The Seed by Terry Fields


There is only a small stump where a big tree once stood. The tree began to die and a strong wind would have pushed it over on the house. With sadness and regret, I had to cut it down. My neighbor, who knew I missed the tree, said that she had a sprig of a tree growing in her flower garden. She told me I could have it and plant a new tree. I thanked her, dug it up, and replanted it in my front yard. I did not know what kind of tree it was or if it would even grow.

As you see, it did grow and turned out to be a beautiful Mulberry tree. The strange thing is that there are no Mulberry trees nearby. The question then became where this seed came from. I was standing on the porch and watching the birds visiting my bird feeder, when I noticed some of them going to the Mulberry tree and eating the berries. I then realized that they had brought the seed to my neighbor’s flower garden and that now they were taking the seeds somewhere else.

One tiny little seed that has given me a beautiful tree, now was going to produce many other beautiful trees wherever the birds happen to wander. This is proof that the little things we do, acts of kindness, understanding, and giving can produce miraculous results. As you go through your days plant seeds of love and compassion so that they may grow in others. Then, they can take those seeds and plant them wherever they may go.


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