At work – part 2

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Speak about you and your work using the words below:

to be called for an interview, to be your own boss, a dead-end job, to do a job-share, a good team player, full-time, a heavy workload, a high-powered job, holiday entitlement, job satisfaction, manual work, maternity leave, to meet a deadline, a nine-to-five job, one of the perks of the job, part-time, to run your own business, to be self-employed, sick leave, to be stuck behind a desk, to be/get stuck in a rut, to take early retirement, temporary work, voluntary work, to be well paid, working conditions

During your working life

I.  Listen and fill in the missing words. Then answer the questions.

1.    In some countries, women are allowed …….. and men …….. if they’re having a child. How is it in your country?

2.    What ……, ……do you get in your job?

3.    How important is ….. to you?

4.    What’s your ………..?

5.    Do you get regular salary ………….?

6.    Most people think they are ………………………

7.    Are you good at looking after your money? For instance, do you think you’re …………., or do you ……. large sums of money?

II. Some words here are not used correctly or in their usual way. Correct them.

1.    My holiday titlement is four weeks a year.

2.    He got maternity leave when his wife had a baby.

3.    Does he spend his money carelessly? – No, he squanders most of it.

4.    I’m underpaid and overworked, like everybody! And I’m always stressed up!

5.    My boss rose my salary with $2 000 a year. I was delighted.

III. Put these expressions into two groups – usually negative and usually positive.

1.    to be short-listed for a job

2.    to have a lot of perks

3.    to be snowed under

4.    to get turned down for a job

IV. Imagine you are a career advisor. What advice would you give to someone who …

1.    is seeking a lucrative career?

2.    is suffering from a lack of job satisfaction in their present job?

3.    wants to get more perks?


Your task before the next lesson will be to watch the IT Crowd Yesterday's Jam in your free time and retell a summary of the plot during our lesson. That is to practise your listening and speaking skills. Hope you'll enjoy the movie which I've chosen:

1.      First watch it without subtitles - the IT Crowd Yesterday's Jam:

2.      Then with subtitles:




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