FRIENDS - Have a seat

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[Scene: Outside Cheryl's apartment, Ross and Cheryl are kissing]

Ross: (moved by the kiss) Huh...

Cheryl: Um, would you like to come in?

Ross: Did homo-erectus (An extinct species of humans, regarded as an ancestor of Homo sapiens) hunt with wooden tools?

Cheryl: According to recent findings!

[They go into the apartment. Inside the apartment it looks like a sewage dump exploded and landed in her living room. There are clothes and food and junk covering every square inch of space. I mean pigs have nicer pens.(a small area surrounded by a fence, especially one in which animals are kept) Ross is completely shocked.]

Cheryl: (throwing food around the room) Here Mitzi! Here Mitzi!

Ross: Mitzi is.....

Cheryl: My hamster. I hope she's okay, I haven't seen her in a while. Have a seat.

Ross: (mouths "where?") Uh... Oh hey, do you, uh (steps on some garbage and falters (to move awkwardly as if you might fall) you have any, um, Cinnamon (used as a spice to give a particular taste to food, especially sweet food) Fruit Toasties?

Cheryl: What?

Ross: Well, I do! Why don't we go back to my place, light a couple of candles, break open a box of Cinnamon Fruit Toasties, uh...

Cheryl: I'd rather not.

Ross: Oh, yeah, why not?

Cheryl: Okay, um, don't take this the wrong way, but your place kinda has a weird (very strange or unusual and difficult to explain) smell. (transcript from



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