Hydroplaning Dolphins - BBC Planet Earth

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Hydroplaning Dolphins - BBC Planet Earth – Listening Practice

In Western Australia, these dolphins have taken on an even tougher challenge. The fish have 1.__________  close to the beach where the water is only a few centimeters deep. 2.Tail-__________  is a method dolphins often use to 3.__________   their prey, but it doesn't seem to work here. The fish are 4.__________  , but they're still out of reach. So the dolphins try another technique. 5.__________   pumping their tails, they work up some speed and then they 6.__________  . Their momentum carries them right through the 7.__________  and onto the fish. Now they're in real danger of 8.__________  . But 9.__________  . Younger dolphins lie alongside, watching. But, so far, only eight individuals here have 10.__________  .


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