The toolbox and the boy

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Retell the story using the words in bold letters


Every day, the 4-year-old boy went with his father to his work and watched him how he fixed different devices. His father was a technician. One day, when the father wasn’t at home, the boy decided to surprise him for his birthday and show what he learned. He saw the new radio and was very curious what is inside of it. He found his father’s toolbox and from the first time, he managed to unscrew the screws with the Phillips screwdriver and to open the radio. The boy was so happy from his success that decided to take apart the whole radio. When the father came home, he gasped in disbelief. His son cried:

– Dad, look at what I’ve done - a present for your birthday. I’m a technician like you. I took apart the new radio. I can use the screwdriver.

At first, the father went mad since it was the new radio and his son took his toolbox without asking him. Then he thought to himself – There is no point in shouting at the kid or worse, beating him.

Instead of that, he hugged him and said:

– You are going to become a big technician, but true technicians not only take apart, true technicians should be able to reassemble, too.

– Dad, you’re right. But I have other surprise for you, too. Show me an instrument from your toolbox and I’ll tell you its name.

The father smiled:

– Well, let’s see.

He showed


1.    screwdriver

2.    Phillips screwdriver

3.    wrench

4.    pliers

5.    nail

6.    washer

7.    nut

8.    wood screw

9.    machine screw

10. bolt

11. monkey wrench


and the boy guessed all of them right. The father couldn’t believe it. He was over the moon, extremely pleased and happy. That was a great present for his birthday, indeed. Gift with a bow

– Now, let’s resemble the radio, son. Will you help me?

You bet! Smile


What would you do if you were in the place of the father? What would you say to your son?



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