My 9 Declarations of Personal Power

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Inspired by Brendon Burchard and his book – Motivation Manifesto, here I’m sharing

My 9 Declarations of Personal Power (Taken and inspired by his amazing book. You can get it for free here )

1.  What would happen if my choices and actions were broadcast on the evening news—would I be proud of them?
Think before you act!

2.  Since I’m very sensitive, I have found my answer - even bought a bright green bracelet to remind me of it - “Integrity is learning to feel hurt but release the negative emotion quickly and do not integrate its darkness into your soul or cast it onto another.” 
Maturity is realizing that hurt or any other emotion is like happiness – it is a conscious choice, the way we interpreted the situation, the meaning we put to it. It may be true, it may be not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to release the negative quickly. First of all, it is detrimental to your health! Substitute the frowns with the dimples from your beautiful smile :-)
Release the negative quickly!

3.  See the divinity in others, and never invite disrespect in our lives by projecting disrespect on others.
Don’t judge! Always treat others with respect!

4.    Action becomes character. Our actions are creating a character that will stand tall or shrink into the darkness of regret.
Always favor action!

5.    Hurt has nothing to do with love, and love is unaffiliated with and unaffected by pain. Ego was hurt, not love. Love is divine; it is everywhere, ever present and abundant and free. It is a spiritual energy that is, at this very moment, flowing through the universe—through us, through our enemies, through our families, through billions of souls. It was never absent from our lives. It is not bound in our hearts or in our relationships, and thus it is not capable of being owned or lost. We have allowed our awareness of love to diminish; that is all.
Amplify Love!

6.    Take time for the people you love otherwise time will take them away from you!
“I thought there would be more time to…” -The time is now! Tell them I love you, show it, prove it while you still can. Like Brendon Burchard says - Live fully, love openly, make your difference today!
Take time for the people you love!

7.   We are not supposed to miss this moment, this life. What would happen to the quality of our life and relationships if we simply amplified our senses just a little longer?
I love TWO BEATS LONGER by Brendon Burchard.

Let us hold this moment for just two beats longer.

·      Do not breathe so quickly. Take in air for two beats longer.

·     Do not gulp down the next meal but savor each bite for two beats longer, let the tastes melt and linger.

·     Do not send a heartless note. Read it once more and spend two beats longer sensing the pain it may cause another.

Life is lived in the extra beats we hold as time unfolds. Slow time!

8.   “I want this, not that” - I want to be successful but at the same time I don’t want to lose my health and family.
Balance is the key!

9.    When you are in love, you want to be as much as possible with the person you love, to know him deeply. You are living for the next meeting, for the next kiss. You are thirsty!
Be thirsty for piano and music – my boyfriend ;-)

Discussion question – What declarations would you add to your Manifesto?


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