Excuses lead to unfulfilled dreams

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1. Excuses move you far away from your dreams. Excuses lead to unfulfilled dreams. If you want to accomplish something, stop making excuses!

2. You have to “repair” the problems

3. Your destiny is in your hands

4. If you want to be successful, you have to know what you want from life

5. Success is attitude

6. Create and thrive

7. Fly up and forward

8. Have the strength to climb up new peaks

9. Belief in yourself! Don’t give up!

10. Confidence – I can, I will manage – is the driving force.

11. Confidence comes with practice

12. Without efforts, it won’t happen!

13. Practice is the key to success

14. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but with practice and persistence, it will get easier

15. Success takes time

16. Persevere

17. Strive to be better and better

18. Onwards and upwards!


***Inspirational words by Dimi Smile


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