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I’ve met a girl from London recently. Here is what she told me.

“I work in a dead-end job.  No opportunities for development, whatsoever. I can’t move up the career ladder and get promotion simply because I’m a woman. There is glass ceiling. I’m stuck behind a desk. My job is well paid, but I don’t get personal satisfaction.

Every day, I have to commute to work for 2 hours. I’m squeezed like a lemon at my work place. There is a lot of pressure to meet deadlines. I’m afraid that if I miss a deadline, I will be fired. At the moment, I’m on sick leave. But soon, I will be on maternity leave and I’m eagerly waiting for this moment.

Also, in order to find a job or get promotion, it's not enough to have knowledge or experience. You need to build relationships. Because in this world, relationships play a very big role, especially with a big shot. What are your thoughts about?

In the future, I’d like to be self-employed and to run my own business. That’s going to be a challenge, but I like challenges. I think challenges help us to grow and become better.”


Now, what about you? :-)


1.     What do you do for a living?

2.     Do you have any career plans yet?

3.     What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

4.     Describe your ideal job. You should say:

§  what this job is

§  whether you would need any qualifications

§  whether it would be easy to find work

§  and say why you would enjoy this job in particular.

5.     If there are a limited number of jobs available who should be given priority, young people or older people with more experience?

6.     What are some of the important things a candidate should find out before accepting a job?

7.     What are the advantages of having your own business rather than working for someone else?



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