Problems from head to toe

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I’ve had a lot of problems recently. It all started with a splitting headache. I woke up feeling terribly bad. I puked all over the carpet. It must have been from the seafood I ate last night. It was nasty!

When I was changing my clothes, I saw a nasty rash on my arms. I had an upset stomach, so I immediately went to the bathroom. I was taking tablets and I guess possible side effects included stomach disorders. Actually, last days I had diarrhea. Then the opposite problem – I was constipated

I felt a little bit of relief after the bathroom, so decided to go to work after all. When I was brushing my teeth, I discovered… - “What? Mouth ulcers? Why do I get mouth ulcers?  It’s painful”. I measured my blood pressure. It wasn’t high as I expected. On the contrary, it was low - “Low blood pressure! I’ve never had it in my life!” I was scared to death – “What am I supposed to do?” “Take it easy! Don't panic! Breathe!”

I kept preparing for going out to work. I put on my coat and my high-heeled boots (!) I had a blister on my heel from wearing those new shoes, but I loved them! Suddenly, the phone rang. In the hurry, I stumbled and fell… and as a matter of fact, I think I sprained my ankle. Finally, I managed to pick up the phone only to hear that my boyfriend pulled a muscle in training and dislocated his shoulder. What a start to the day!



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