Prepare for a job interview - Tell me about yourself

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Tell me about yourself is the most common interview question. Watch the videos below and read the info to help you perform better and get the job you want :-)


Interview Tips: Tell Me About Yourself. (For Candidates Without Experience) –

This is opportunity for you to shine Smile to briefly describe yourself - positively, focusing on your strengths. And say why those characteristics are relevant to the company and the position you are applying for.


Interview Tips: Tell Me About Yourself. (For Candidates With Experience)


1.  What are your primary selling points for this job?

2.  Why are you interested in this position right now?

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• Brief introduction.
• Key accomplishments.
• Key strengths demonstrated by these accomplishments.
• Importance of these strengths and accomplishments to the prospective employer.
• Where and how you see yourself developing in the position for which you're applying (tempered with the right amount of self-deprecating humor and modesty).
Again, we're not talking War and Peace here. Two-hundred-fifty to 350 words is about right (taking from 90 to 120 seconds to recite).



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