Hobbies and Interest – exercise 1

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Riddle: I’m a vegetable that sits where humans sit. What am I?



1.    a (of work, activities, etc.) in which you spend a lot of time sitting down job/ lifestyle




2.    Maria takes a great interest in (is very involved in) skiing these days.


Maria is into skiing these days.


3.    Dasha is addicted to motor racing these days.


Dasha is hooked on motor racing these days.


4.    I isolate myself from the world for hours in front of the computer and surf the Internet every night.


I lock myself away for hours in front of the computer.


5.    I’m extremely interested in classical music. I listen to it all the time.

6.    Maria isolates herself in the darkroom and does photography for hours on end.

7.    Dasha is totally addicted to ice hockey these days. She has taken it up even as a hobby.


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