Ukraine – part 2 – Speaking Discussion

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1.    Merkel says Russia failing to keep Ukraine pledge

2.    Sweden pledges urgent loans to Ukraine

3. Ukraine’s interim president pledges ‘large-scale’ anti-terror operation against pro-Russia forces

4.    Protest expands in eastern Ukraine as Kiev threatens military op

5.    in the eastern city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region - Gunfire broke out there on Sunday

6.   “And now what, the US will endorse the realization of this criminal order to use armed forces?” Churkin said

7.    clashes between

8.    on brink of civil war

9.    holding a national referendum

10. Police buildings seized in Ukraine

11. Ukraine gunmen seize buildings in Sloviansk

12. Obama has limited leverage over Putin in Ukraine crisis

13. Russia still has plenty of leverage in Ukraine

14. The Donetsk police chief stepped down on Saturday - "In accordance with your demands I am stepping down," police chief Kostyantyn Pozhydayev told the protesters.  

15. withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine's eastern border

16. Kerry left no doubt that he believed Russia was behind the assaults


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