Speaking Practice - News

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1.    meddle (pic1, pic2)
2.    outrage
3.    to back
4.    interim (more about interim)
5.    ouster (ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych) – oyster, the world is your oyster
6.    coup
7.    denounce
8.    Moscow has denounced Yanukovych's ouster last month as an illegitimate coup. He has refused to recognize the new Ukrainian authorities.
9.    for the second straight day
10. rifles
11. checkpoint (at a checkpoint separating the mainland from the Crimean Peninsula)
12. clamp down (on somebody/something) (clamp down on street crime)
13. The incident was captured on surveillance footage and aired on TV
14. The International Monetary Fund 
15. brush off - Russian parliament backs Crimea vote, brushes off sanctions threat
16. scum
17. death toll
18. state riot police
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