Word of the Day – reprieve

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Faith got a little reprieve today. A half hour after I dropped her off at the Vet, they called and said she had a little respiratory infection and they didn't want to chance giving her the anesthesia. I was thankful they were being cautious. I went to pick her up and they gave me a little bottle of amoxi drops, told me to give them to her twice a day for 2 weeks and we would try to do the surgery then. They charged me $60 for the amoxi drops. That is about 4 times as much as they should cost. It is ridiculous how medical and legal professionals overcharge people so they can live in luxury. I could afford it, but many families would not be able to and have to choose between helping their pets and feeding their kids. It is a sad world we live in sometimes.” Thanks to my friend Terry for sharing this story and for the picture.


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