Physical Appearance – Review – part 1

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Physical Appearance – Review – part 1

1.    very short hair

2.    light-coloured hair

3.    the opposite of a round face

4.    hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further

5.    to be muscular

6.    (informal) very beautiful and attractive

7.    be nearly a particular age

8.    (especially of an old person) physically weak and thin

9.    a person who walks slowly and shakily because they are frail

10. show something you are proud of

11. a fat stomach on a man

12. slightly fat, but in an attractive way

13. a small, pale brown spot on a person's skin, especially on their face, caused by the sun

14. a light brownish-orange colour

15. a metal device that children wear inside the mouth to help their teeth grow straight

16. to make something straight

17. to be noticeable or easily seen

18. a line or small fold in your skin, especially on your face, that forms as you get older




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