Conditionals – practice 1

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What will happen if you practice?
If you practice, you will learn Smile

Practice is the key to success!


If  present simple (condition) + will base of the verb (result)

Use the first conditionals to refer to things that are likely to happen

e.g., If someone opens the door, the woman will fall off the chair.

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Use the second conditionals to talk about unreal situations in the present or in the future, e.g., If the situation were real, I would call her as soon as possible.


Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man (with subtitles)


Unwanted Flirtation: What Would You Do?

Would you step in to rescue a woman from a man's unwanted advances?



Practice Second Conditional with Songs


Read a funny text with Second Conditional


Movie Activity - The Box: 1st & 2nd Conditionals


Use the third conditionals to express regret, talk about the past and imagine something different from what actually happened, e.g.,Had any of these things happened differently, the end of Daisy's afternoon would have been another one.

Past Conditional Excuses

Make up excuses using the 3rd Conditional



Why didn’t you do any homework?

I would have done my homework if I had had more time.


  1. Why didn’t you go to Ireland last summer?
  2. Why didn’t you return my call last night?         
  3. Why didn’t you bring me an apple?
  4. Why didn’t you invite Mariah Carey to your last birthday party?
  5. Why didn’t you stay in bed this morning?
  6. Why didn’t you marry Brad Pitt?
  7. Why didn’t you go skiing last weekend?
  8. Why didn’t you get to work on time?
  9. Why didn’t you walk to work this morning?
  10. Why didn’t you bring an umbrella to work?
  11. Why didn’t you tell your boss to shut up the last time he shouted at you?
  12. Why didn’t you go out with me yesterday?
  13. Why didn’t you wash the dishes last night?
  14. Why didn’t you tell me about your problem?


Use the zero conditionals to make general statements about the world and 'universal truth'




First Conditional



Second Conditional




Third Conditional


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