Jokes you can tell in the class :-)

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1. “Astronomy Quiz

My daughter’s 5th-grade class had been studying astronomy. One morning at breakfast she announced, “On Friday we’re having a quiz on the moon.”

That’s when her little brother piped up, saying, “Are you gonna let her go, Mom?” :) "

Good joke, in my opinion, for teaching e.g. prepositions :)

2. “An Englishman went to Spain on a fishing trip. He hired a Spanish guide to help him find the best fishing spots. Since the Englishman was learning Spanish, he asked the guide to speak to him in Spanish and to correct any mistakes of usage. They were hiking on a mountain trail when a very large, purple and blue fly crossed their path. The Englishmen pointed at the insect with his fishing rod, and said, “Mira el mosca!” The guide, sensing a teaching opportunity, replied, “No, senor, ‘la mosca’…. es feminina.” The Englishman looked at him, then back at the fly, and then said, “Good heavens…. you must have incredibly good eyesight.” 

:) very good for paying attention to the gender of the noun :)

3." One story from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome Jerome. It’s a story about cushion (Kissen in German)
One Englishman went to a shop to buy cushion for his aunt, but he made mistake with German words Kissen = cushion and Kuss = kiss and instead of cushion, he asked for a kiss and …. in the end the shop assistant girl did give him…:) :)a kiss :))"
Sometimes, making mistakes can have positive consequences ;-) however, sometimes can be …..who knows...

4. “Why did the boy eat his homework? 
Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake. :))”

piece of cake :)

5." I told my Spanish friend that there are lots of Moroccans in the street where my sister lives. She didn’t realize I’d made a mistake until I said I sometimes stop to eat them! She looked slightly shocked, then realized I was saying ‘Moros’ (Moroccans), but I meant ‘Moras’ (blackberries). Hahaha, easy mistake to make!"

How one letter can completely change the meaning of a word! :)


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