The World of Advertisement

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English Word of the Day - clumsy


Ad is a short film about some product. There are many commercial ads which you can see on TV. What makes a good ad? Great music, good actors, good idea, funny joke?

"Hello, I'd like to order French fries, a burger and a milk shake."
"This is a library."
"I'd like to order French fries, a burger and a milk shake."

Beauty is nothing without brains – Mercedes-Benz car company:


- One minute ... one minute please. Time ... thank you!

Could you all please put down your pens and bring your papers to the front of the room?

Thank you. Well done! Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you.
- Oh! I'm sorry you're too late.
I gave you plenty of warnings about time.
You've failed. Sorry.

- Excuse me. Do you know who I am?

- I have absolutely no idea.

Words: plenty, warning



Retell the story from the video using the words:

deaf (= unable to hear), mute (= unable to speak), against all odds, (The numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, … are all odd numbers - they can't be divided by two. They are not even (even – 2, 4, 6, 8,…). Also, things that are strange are called odd.)

passion, extinguish, bully

(bully = a person who uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people),

peer ( = someone at your own level) pressure, put down

(put somebody ↔ down = to criticize someone and make them feel silly or stupid, especially in front of other people),

discourage, befriend

(befriend = to become a friend of somebody. The prefix "be-" is from Old English, and has several meanings. In befriend, the meaning is "cause to be," so to befriend someone is to cause him or her to be your friend),

encourage, persevere

(persevere = to continue trying to do something in a very patient and determined way, in spite of difficulties - use this to show approval),


You CAN shine. All you need is to believe that you ARE special Smile


Silence of Love – Thai Life Insurance Commercial with English subtitles

Retell the video using the words:

poignant commercial, depict, peer pressure, bully, break up with someone, commit suicide, ultimate sacrifice, tear-jerking


Father's Day is held on the third Sunday of June in the United Kingdom. What about your country? :-)

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” Jim Valvano

What specific memory do you
have of your father? What did he teach you? When did he support you?


Listening Practice:

It's a little bit funny


This feeling inside




I don't have much money


But boy if I did




We both could live




And you can tell everybody,


This is your song




Now that is done




That I put down in words





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