Homework – Pronunciation + Imitation

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How to Pronounce -ed verb endings:


American English Imitation Exercise: Don't Keep a Secret

Transcript - Don't keep a secret – Imitation exercise

- I can’t…

- What? You never say no. Don’t you need money for the piece?

- I do, but…

- Since when you play so close to the vest? I don’t like secrets. I’m the only one who gets to have secrets. Sit down.

- I…I have another job…

- Oh, you’re not writing for Antrem at GQ, are you?

- No, no, no…I would never do that to you. Do you really wanna know the truth?

- Yes, I do as long as it’s not boring.

- Well… I have a second job as a private detective. I wanted to tell you but I thought you would think it was strange

- If you’re gonna lie, you need to make it more believable. Throw an element of truth that is what I do.

- But I’m not lying. I have an ad on Craigslist advertising myself as an unlicensed private detective. And tonight in New Jersey, I’m meeting this woman – a blackmailer.

- I still don’t believe you. What kind of blackmailer?

- She targets married men…


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