Th Sound - Tongue Twisters

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- This is my thing, Gloria.

- Why can't it be my thing, too, Claire?

- Because everything is your thing. This... This is the one thing that was my thing. This is my only thing. Oh, my God, this is my only thing!


I’m thinking of three thousand three hundred thirty-three things


I think I thought a thought (2)

although the thought I think I thought was fraught with this and that

I think the thought was nothing but a thought


They threw three free throws through the hoop.

Room three thirty-three on the third floor

rents for thirty-three dollar and thirty-three cents.

Is this the thing? Yes! That is the thing.

But not these things here, those things there!

Father, mother, sister and brother.

walk from here to there to be with one another.

I thought a thought, but the thought I thought

wasn't the thought that I thought I thought.

Practice more th sound -


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