Missing words – part 1

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An ___________is someone who's hired to do a particular job for pay. If you like to shop in a certain store, you might also enjoy being an  ___________ there.

You can see the verb  ___________, meaning "put to use," in  ___________. You can  ___________ a pen in writing a letter, just as a grocery store might  ___________ workers to collect the shopping carts from the parking lot. A person who is put to work is an  ___________.  


Use ______ to describe a person who's just slightly drunk. If you've ever been to a wedding reception, you've probably seen a ______ person.

Your aunt who gets a little ______  on New Year's Eve might giggle more than usual, for example Winking smile


A ____________ is something you put on so no one recognizes you. It also can be used as a verb. You can ____________ yourself with a wig and mustache; that's a great ____________

____________ can be used anytime you're talking about concealing or hiding something. Most of the time we think of a ____________ as something you wear, but you can also disguise your feelings. Criminals might ____________ their intentions. You can also use the word to describe something that seems to be one thing, but turns out to be another. You missed the plane, but then the plane crashed. That's a blessing in ____________.


Definitions from http://www.vocabulary.com/


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