English Word of the Day – snub and squirm

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Kissing a prince is what all little girls dream of, right? Maybe not.


Four-year-old snubs Prince William's kiss


English Word of the Day:

snub = to treat someone rudely, esp. by ignoring that person

squirm = to make twisting movements with the body, esp. because of embarrassment, pain, or excitement


A shy four-year-old girl in Glasgow rejected a kiss from Britain's Prince William as he and his wife Kate greeted local residents on Thursday, at the start of a two-day trip to Scotland.

"Is that for me? Is that for Kate?" "You look very pretty.You want a kiss, do you?"

Prince William leans in only to have the little girl squirm away. "Oh no!" says Prince William. "See? Next time, sugar, next time," he says.

Later in the video another mother: "Prince William came across and had a little chat with us. We asked if he wanted to give Heidi a kiss but apparently he had already been refused a kiss from someone else."


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