The amazing Chinese diving pigs…

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Listening Practice - The amazing Chinese diving pigs taught to jump from a 3m platform to keep fit

And there they are, lining up in the tunnel. That one on the left looks confident.
And off he goes. Good dive. Let's just see that again. Who said pigs can't fly? Well, pork belly flop at least.
These pigs in China have been specially trained to dive from a three-metre-high platform.
Apparently it makes them fitter, happier and tastier according to their farmer.
Fan Yong who works on the pig farm in Ningxiang in China spent four months training the pigs that climb into the tunnel, wait their turn patiently and take a plunge.
"Our pigs look and taste better and they are much sought after."
They have to dive three times daily but some of them seem to like it so much they dive up to thirty times a day.
But no matter how well they dive, it won't save their bacon because these little piggies are headed all the way to market.


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