Google Translate for Animals

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Google Translate for Animals – Listening Practice


I’m going to show you a new Android application that’s been developed through our translation technology.

Our new 1.______________ – Google Translate for Animals – translates animal speech into human 2.______________. The handset records the animal sounds and then 3.______________. them to our server where the speech recognition and translation 4.______________.  analyze the neurobiological acoustics. The voice 5.______________.  software then checks itself against the millions of sounds in our animal 6.______________. and produces a translation in 7.______________.  English.

Let’s see how Google Translate for Animals works. I activate the translate app. As you can see, there’s a 8.______________. of animals to choose from. I choose pig. Then, I make a recording. See here? It transcribes it, but if I push the speaker button, we can actually hear what Bella said. “9.______________.. ” That’s amazing!

Let’s find out what’s on Donna’s mind. “10.______________.. ” Well... How about that!

To get Google Translate for Animals, go to Android Market and search Translate for Animals.


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