Driving School For Dogs - Dog Driving Cars

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Driving School For Dogs - Dog Driving Cars

Listening Practice – part 1

Meet Monty, your 1. _______________ driver.

“Wait, so neutral this.”

Don’t be alarmed.

“Yeah, good boy.”

He is trained and he knows what he is doing.

“Aye, aye.”

“Aye” is for 2. _______________. Monty understands and he is off. This isn’t a trick. Monty, the giant schnauzer cross, is actually driving the car. Six months ago, his owners gave him up. They said, he was too difficult to control, but there’s no sign of road 3. _______________  here.

The story begins indoors where the dogs learn simple 4. _______________. Over and over they practice, pushing buttons again and again. once the 5. _______________ are sorted out, it’s on to 6. _______________.


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